About F.r.I.e.n.D.s Together!

You will learn about eating well and staying active, managing your emotions and relationships and reconnecting with the things in life that you love.
Our ethos is based around the whole person: Mind, body, emotions, spirit, relationships, environment, communities and practical issues.
We believe that taking an active role in health and wellbeing helps bring a renewed sense of hope and control.

What is F.r.I.e.n.D.s Together?

F.r.I.e.n.D.s Together offers people with invisible disabilities and illness an opportunity to come together for support and friendship.  We currently hold three meetings a week - take a look at our News and Events page to see what's on offer.  Our arts and crafts programme is open to all members, but there's no pressure to get involved and if you just want to come along for a coffee and a chat, you'd be more than welcome at any of our meetings.
Friends, family members and carers are also invited.

Meet the team!


I was born in Cape Town, South Africa and have been living the UK since 1990.  I was brought up in a Christian family, and from this I have a very strong faith and relationship with God. 

I have one, amazing son who is currently living and studying in Cape Town, and two adorable cats called Tipper and Izzi.  

Before getting ill with several invisible illnesses and four mental health diagnoses, I worked in various roles in the Business and Administration sector, Motor Vehicle Imports and used cars. 

When I had my son, I worked in a nursery setting where I gained a NVQ3 qualification in Nursery Nurse and Early Years Education.  I then became a Registered Childminder which I did for 10 years. 

I love spending my time with other people and being in my garden.  I am very creative and enjoy experimenting with painting, drawing, quilling, crochet and knitting.  I also play the piano, guitar and cornet. 

Starting f.r.I.e.n.D.s Together has helped me so much and I've made many new friends who totally understand me and are non-judgmental. 

My passion has always been to love, care and help other people and being able to continue doing this while ill brings so much joy and healing.

Email: luanne@f2g.org.uk
Phone: 07944 564405

photo of J

I was born in Barnstaple, Devon but have lived in Nailsea for the past 26 years. I'm a married mother of two boys, aged 22 and 29 years. 

In my younger days I was an Assistant Manager in a gaming shop (with all the headaches that entails), with responsibilities ranging from customer service to filing daily sales reports to submitting weekly spreadsheets for head office.  Later I volunteered to work in a local charity shop, which I did for approximately 13 years.

I was introduced to F.r.I.e.n.D.s Together through my mum as I was, and still am, struggling mentally and with anxiety during this past year.  Through this group I feel I can cope a lot better and feel that there is someone to lean on and talk to, giving my mum and best friend a rest from my woes and worries.

I love all things craft, from canvas work to spinning my own yarn from acrylic, animal and plant fibre.  I am a jack of all and master of none!  I have a small amount of knowledge in most crafts and I like helping people, whether that's with their craft work or just listening while they talk. 

Photo of Candy, Zumba instructor

I am a qualified personal trainer and offer 1-to-1 sessions, core, HIIT and Strong.  I've been teaching Zumba for over 10 years and qualified to teach Zumba Gold around six years ago.  Previous to that, I had several jobs ranging from teaching assistant to estate agent.

I'm a born-and-bred Bristolian but have travelled all around the country.  I now live locally with my husband, two teenagers and Tilly the beagle.

My Friday afternoon Zumba classes can all be done seated and I love bringing great music and moves into the group.  


I moved to North Somerset in 2012 having lived and worked around the UK and abroad.  My professional background is pretty eclectic (due to moving location so much), but based primarily in marketing and PR working in the charity and commercial sectors, and as a freelancer.  I've also trained as a Bowen therapist and have worked in a team making 'not-just-any' coffees!  I am now writing the first in a series of children's books.

Lu was probably the first person I got to know when I moved here and I've since seen her going through many health challenges which she's faced with resilience and determination.  I was delighted when she asked if I'd come on board to help with f.r.I.e.n.D.s Together.  My role is very much in the background, working a few hours a month on admin and communications. 

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How did F.r.I.e.n.D.s Together start?

F.r.I.e.n.D.s Together was started by Luanne Gibbons at the end of August 2019. At the time, I was under the Secondary Mental Health Team in North Somerset and was recovering from cancer.  I was very aware that there were no social groups for people with mental health problems in my local community and I really couldn’t live through another August/Winter without connecting with people who would completely understand me and what I was going through.  I have two wonderful friends who were there for me and supported me as much as they could, but with no disrespect to them, I needed a deeper support and a strong network of friends who totally understood what it was like living daily with these life changing illnesses.

It all started with a Facebook Group when, within 15 minutes of launching, 20 people had joined. On the back of this, I started a drop-in support group on the 1st November.

On our 1st Anniversary, I opened the group up to the whole of North Somerset and both the Facebook and drop-in groups have grown. Support and friendships continue to be built between people who are on similar journeys and appreciate being in an environment that is non-judgmental.  It truly is something special.

Facebook group

We have an amazing group of 220 members on Facebook who are building up strong friendships and support networks.  Why not join them? 

Our Facebook page includes interactive games, support when we are not having a good day, encouraging and positive quotes and, of course, more information about current and future events.

To join our Facebook group you will be required to answer a few simple questions and agree to the group rules. 

We always look forward meeting new members so please join if you live with these illnesses, support a loved one or act as a carer.

Keep up to date

Find out the latest news and updates.  Discover what activities are available to you and what we are planning for the future.  Registration for our Facebook group is quick and easy - make sure you don't miss out.   

Facebook group


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We charge £5 per session which helps cover costs but you could save money by joining as a member for just £10 a month. This gives you access to all sessions at no extra cost, plus you'll receive a membership card, free lanyard and free t-shirt on joining.

Yes, if you have a family member, friend or carer who would like to attend any of the sessions with you, they will be more than welcome

Not at all.  If you want to come along for some company, a hot drink and a chat, then you're more than welcome.

Want more information?

Feel free to contact us:

Contact information


luanne@f2g.org.uk - 07944 564405

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